About us

We are a dynamic company providing a complete service for the design, production, and delivery of display applications for the retail industry. Our company provides products manufactured from a combination of metal, plastic, wood and cardboard materials. Through joint consultation, we can provide our customers with the right solutions to meet the high demands of their retail needs.

By the combination of product development, we propose the use of materials which best meet the demands of our clients.

We provide a fast and accurate service, and adhere to the agreed terms. Based on our innovative technology, we are able to adjust the price requirements for our clients, while also adhering to a high standard of quality.

Our Senior management staff have 6 years experience in manufacturing and construction activities on the Czech market, and 3 years experience in the field of international trade. We will convince you that due to our active and professional approach, Bakof group s.r.o. is the ideal business and production partner for your company.